Standard 4

Typical wall repair

Standard 4 is our most frequently used product. On a typical block basement wall a strap is placed every 48". In this application the wall's strength is increased 3x - 4x compared to when the wall was new. A highly advanced solution that is simple yet very effective.


Premium 6

High stress wall repair

Premium 6 provides more bonding area to the wall to provide for increased strength. This product excels on walls over 8 feet with significant soil pressure. Other more specialized uses include strengthening of spanned slabs, cantilevered slabs or structural beams.


Wrap 13

Column and corner repair

Wrap 13 is most useful when dealing with large forces that need to be restrained. Basement corners that are shearing apart may often be repaired with this product. Another common use is column wraps that both protect the concrete and increase load bearing capacity.


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