Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Offering a variety of carbon fiber solutions

Specialtizing in Structural repair through the use of carbon fiber. We offer different carbon products to meet the needs of our customers. All of our products consist of high grade carbon fiber and corresponding adhesives. Your structural problems will be solved Perma-nately

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solutions through inovation

The right solution for the right application

The primary application for Perma-Strap products has been masonry and concrete wall reinforcement. Other applications include the repair of cantilevered slabs, concrete piers, or bridge decks. Perma-Strap products provide a versitle solution to concrete reinforcement.

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Structural Integrity

Continued testing and product evolution

For enginners to the inquisitive homeowner we have the specs and FAQ to help design a solution for your structural repair problems. Our ongoing testing and product development ensure that our products will meet the needs of our customers. See our news updates below.

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  • Standard 4

    High Strength 4" width carbon fiber strap frequently used for standard bowed basement walls

  • Premium 6

    High Strength 6" width carbon fiber strap frequently used for bowed basement walls with extra height or high soil pressures.

  • Wrap 13

    High Strength 13" width carbon fiber strap frequently used for verticle cracking of basement wall corners.

PERMA-STRAP Applications

  • Bowed Basement Walls

    Often due to expansive soils, frost, or improper construction, basement walls often start to bow inward.

  • Cracked Basement Walls

    Vertical cracks usually appear towards the corners of the basements walls, horizintal cracking usually appears accross the middle of the basement walls.


| 05.04.2009|

Basement Repair Systems, Inc. begins testing of new retrofit tie-down product. In addition to providing tie-down, the anchor will also prevent or stop existing wall lean.

| 06.20.2009|

Basement Repair Systems, Inc. begins testing of new wall shear product. New bonded product will stop wall shear like traditional carbon fiber products never could.

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